Hi, I'm Sherri.

A photographer. A mother. A wife. A coffee lover and a travel enthusiast.

I was born and raised in Durban, South Africa. I moved to the beautiful green, Surrey in UK, 3 years ago with my hubby and 2 kids.

I have always loved art and being creative. I remember my first camera so clearly, a small little handheld Sony, i was so proud to have it. From the minute i took my 1st digital picture, i have not stopped! It is as much a part of me as eating, breathing and sleeping.

My favourite shoots are family lifestyle shoots! It is the best feeling seeing a family having fun, interacting with each other and being able to capture these precious moments. I love bright, bold and colourful images that jump off the page.

Life is fast, the days short, we need to stop, breathe and take all the memories in along the way... dont wait for that perfect time, until you have 'lost the weight' or 'you find the perfect dress' there is no perfect time and these beautiful moments pass you by. It feels like just the other day that my son was a squishy, pink newborn and now he is 11! So - If those Family albums have gathered cobwebs or its just time for the annual catch-up shoot, message me and we can set a date!

I would love the opportunity to meet you and help capture your special memories. Please get in touch.

Kind words from Amazing Clients

“Sherri is Lovely. She is such a wonderful person and instantly made us feel comfortable. Her photos are absolutely stunning!

I would recommend her to everyone.”

“Thank you for the gorgeous photos - we absolutely love them. Truely cant believe what fabulous, natural shots you got! You did a fantastic job and made us feel so comfortable!

Thank you so much!”

“Thank you to the beautiful and talented sherri, for taking such stunning photos of my son and I. A lovely, natural and effortless mini shoot to capture these special family memories!

She is a gem!”

“Was an absolute pleasure to meet Sherri and have her photograph the kids and I. I was a bit apprehensive about how the photos would turn out with keeping two young active kids focused, but Sherri had a wonderful way, and warmth with my children that they were like putty in her hands. The end result is some wonderful photos and lasting memories at a very affordable price. I will definitely be using Sherri again as a way of recording the growth of my children (& the receding of my hair) over the years to come”